MASAR is an Architecture Firm, based in Cairo, we operate both locally and globally, and we have business partners in the Gulf Area including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Our primary focus is to Design and Deliver high quality projects that are also, relatable. We believe that buildings are made by people and anyone whose life is affected by a building should be a part of making it.

We are a group of architects, designers, engineers, and planners, whose purpose is to design and deliver projects that are tailored for people, communities, cities and their needs. MASAR Engineering Consulting provides integrated architectural services for residential, commercial, administrative and landscape projects in addition to identity services. We are based in Cairo and operate in numerous other locations around the world including, KSA, UAE and Kuwait.


One of the biggest challenges of architecture is figuring out what people want and need. Part of our approach is to determine all the ways in which a building is going to affect people’s lives, and because we see architecture as on big collaboration, we believe that any one whose life is affected by a building should have a say in the making of it.


At MASAR we see good design as impactful, transformational, and collaborative. Architectural firms work on a wide range of projects, and our mission is to create and advocate for architecture that promotes enhancing the quality of life, fosters productivity, and is functional and purposeful.